Online Auction Ends at 9 A.M. or Soon Thereafter
on November 28, 2023


NOTICE OF SALE is hereby posted online November 18, 2023. Details regarding Occupant Names / Unit Numbers are hereby posted. If you are a customer and your name/unit number is listed, please contact us immediately at 252-239-7000 if you have not contacted us regarding this lien and your past-due balance!

Notice of Sale is hereby given that Lucama Self Storage, located at 5300 US 301, Lucama, NC 27851 intends to sell various items of personal property of persons listed below to enforce a lien imposed for unpaid rent and fees, pursuant to Article 4 Subsection G.S. 44A-40,41,42,43,44 of the North Carolina Self Storage Facilities Act. This facility will sell at public sale online the following units at the date and time given above unless all conditions for payment / cancellation are met. The sale shall be conducted on the date and time described in a commercially reasonable manner, as defined in N.C.G.S. 25-9-627, including offering the property to an audience of bidders online at, a publicly accessible auction website.

Occupant / Unit Number: 
Jamal Willis Unit D10

All purchases must be paid for in accordance with the rules detailed at All items sold as is and must be completely removed at time of sale in accordance with the rules detailed at Sale of any/all units subject to cancellation in event of settlement between lienor and obligated party.