F A Q ' s - Frequently Asked Questions

How and when can I rent a storage unit?

Simply rent online at any time 24/7 on this website by selecting the tab, “Rent Here Now!” and we will contact you first thing during telephone business hours, Monday - Saturday, 8am - 6pm.  Or feel free to call us at 252-239-7000 during those same hours to rent by phone.  Upon calling or renting online and texting a valid ID, we can normally approve your move-in in a matter of minutes during business hours.  Very often we are on the highway running errands or helping another customer, so please be patient if we need to get to a place that we can help you.  Upon approval, gate access hours are 6am-9pm, 7 days a week and you can move in at any time during those hours. 

Where is your office? 

We do not have an office, but ALL aspects of storing at our facility can be handled easily by accessing your account online and communicating with us via telephone, text and e-mail.  Of course, exceptions apply with the handicapped or one who may need special assistance.  We have served hundreds and hundreds of satisfied customers remotely over the last 25+ years and we've proven that it works just fine!

Why do you ask for a security deposit since many self-storages do not? 

It's for YOUR protection as well as ours.  For multi-month rentals, we do not ask for a security deposit.  For one to two month rentals, we gladly refund 100% of your security deposit within days of your scheduled move-out when simple terms of the rental agreement are met.  It is proven that holding security deposits during the rental period eliminates most problems related to criminal activity, abandonment, unsanitary conditions, trash, debris and damages that can often occur with cheap move-in deals.    

What about security?  How safe are my belongings?

This is an “access by customers only” facility, meaning that only a current customer can use their private gate access code to enter and exit our facility during the rental period only.  Also, every rented unit requires a disc padlock that cannot be cut with bolt-cutters.  Allowing the use of cheap padlocks is the number one reason for unit break-ins because it only takes seconds to cut those locks and get inside a storage unit.  Not so with disc locks!   Every storage unit we rent conveniently includes a new, never-used disc padlock with 2 keys and 2 keychains for the wholesale price of only $9.37 plus sales tax = $10.  If you already have a disc padlock, simply let us know and we can issue a credit after you rent the unit and return the provided padlock and keys to a designated location.

Do you offer the first month free or any discounts?  What about insurance?

Yes, we offer generous discounts for multi-month prepaid rentals, but we do not offer popular bait-and-switch promotions such as “first month free” just to increase our occupancy rate.  If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  Additional costs to the customer not disclosed with “free month" or "half-month free" promotions often include a non-refundable “admin fee” or “processing fee”.   Also, chain self-storages all have software that automatically increases rental rates within a very short time after move-in, which more than makes up for that cheap move-in deal!  Finally, a majority of  self-storages impose mandatory tenant insurance, which means an unadvertised additional fee monthly.  We allow our customers the choice to buy or waive insurance according to their own need.  For those who wish to insure their stored goods, we refer a highly-rated company that specializes in quality and affordable self-storage insurance.  Our customers deal with them directly and we do not receive any kickbacks.  So, “first month free” or a low introductory rate with no security deposit is most often just bait-and-switch to get customers in the door, but will probably end up costing much more than a 100% refundable security deposit and the fact that we offer predictable rental rates from the start.