F A Q ' s - Frequently Asked Questions

Why store with Lucama Self Storage? We are locally owned & operated and available to respond quickly when any need comes up. GATE ACCESS HOURS are 6am-9pm, 7 days a week. TELEPHONE BUSINESS HOURS for new rentals are 8am-6pm Monday-Friday, 9am-3pm Saturday, closed Sundays. We take pride in keeping our facility well-maintained, closely monitored and well-lit at night. 

1 - How and when can I rent a storage unit?  

When the desired unit is available, simply rent online at this website by selecting the tab, "Rent Online Now". We usually can respond immediately to a new rental Mon-Fri 8am-6pm & Sat 9am-3pm. Upon renting online and opting in to text messaging followed by ID verification, we will text simple instructions on how to complete the rental process and get moved in at your own convenience. 

2 - Do you offer any deals or discounts?  

Yes! We offer generous discounts for multi-month prepaid rentals. We avoid popular bait-and-switch promotions such as “first month free” just to increase occupancy. Gimmicks such as "$35 first month" often include additional fees and mandatory insurance to make up for that first month deal. More importantly, facilities that offer these "deals" use computer software that automatically increases rental rates once or more per year. This means that loyal longer-term customers will pay way more per month in the long run. If you plan to rent more than only a month or two, we can likely offer you the best value even if paying monthly!

3 - Why do you ask for a 100% refundable security deposit up to 1/2 month of the regular rate? 

A security deposit up to 1/2 of the monthly rental rate is like free insurance and is for your protection as well as ours in that it helps to avoid short-term rentals that may not show concern for what is put in a storage unit, such as food, contraband and other prohibited items. We have proven that asking for and holding security deposits helps minimize the potential for criminal activity, abandonment, trash, insects, rodents and many other problems that come with cheap move-in offers. We gladly refund the entire security deposit within days when simple terms of the rental agreement have been met, such as giving proper notice and leaving the unit clean as originally found.

4 - Where is your office? Can I rent in person?

Our office is here on your phone, tablet or desktop now and once you rent and gain online access to your account. And our friendly & experienced manager is ready to assist you by text, e-mail or phone during telephone business hours above. We have successfully done contactless rentals for over 25 years now! ALL aspects of storing at this facility can be handled easily by accessing your account online and corresponding with us as needed. We perfected the remote rental process long ago and have served hundreds and hundreds of satisfied customers without an office or someone onsite. Check out our ratings on Google Maps.

5 - How else do you stand apart from other facilities in the area?

Some area facilities leave their gates open during the day or all the time for anyone to enter. Some also allow the use of cheap padlocks that can easily be cut with bolt-cutters. Such neglect invites a thief to access the facility and get into multiple units in a short time. Not so here! You receive from us a unique gate code and the gate stays closed except when you enter or exit. Each unit includes a new, never-used disc padlock which cannot be cut with bolt-cutters. Also, limiting gate access hours to 6am-9pm daily meets the needs of 99% of our customers and further protects customers' belongings during late night hours. If you need 24 hour access, simply contact us before you rent online to discuss your needs. Legal Disclosure: Having made our best efforts to provide a safe and secure facility at Lucama Self-Storage, all units are rented "as is" and no warranties exist as to the safety or security of this storage facility. This is common to all self-storage businesses.   

Got any other questions or concerns before renting? Please call Mon-Fri 8am-6pm, Sat 9am-3pm. We receive multiple spam calls daily, so PLEASE, if we do not answer, wait for the voice mail prompt and leave us your name, number and a brief message. We respond quickly to all calls related to renting storage units.